Bed Maintenance

Hand Weeding landscape beds

Hand weeding service can provided as often as needed. We can manually hand pull weeds and use the right tools to properly remove them from your landscape beds.

Bed Edging

We can help you re-shape your landscape beds by creating a new edge on them or we can redefine the existing bed edge. By allowing us to provide you with this service there’s a couple of benefits you and your landscaping get. Edging will help prevent grass from growing into your beds and will also help keep the mulch contained. In addition, it will add contour, definition and will make your landscaping more aesthetically pleasing. We can hand dig bed edges or we can you use a commercial grade bed edger. We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure bed edging is done correctly and efficiently.

Mulch Cultivation

After spring rain and summer heat mulch tends to congeal into a hard shell. It’s good to go through to till up mulch and loosen it up to give it a fresh appearance and allow water, nutrients and air to get down to the soil system of the plants to increase their health.

Pre Emergent

We like to apply a pre-emergent during the growing season around established plants and transplants. We like to use a pre- emergent after flowering plants have germinated and are 2 – 3 inches tall. We like to apply a pre-emergent after mulching landscape beds.