Additional Services

Turf Management

Aeration, over seeding, fertilization

Mulch Cultivation

After spring rain and summer heat mulch tends to congeal into a hard shell. It’s good to go through to till up mulch and loosen it up to give it a fresh appearance and allow water, nutrients and air to get down to the soil system of the plants to increase their health.

Landscape fabric installation

Using landscape fabric is a helpful way of limiting the weeds around your landscape beds.  Landscaping fabric helps limit weed seeds that are blown in from above from getting a foothold and germinating.  Instead of these seeds landing in soil, they are landing on a clean fabric surface free of soil and debris.  This makes germination a little more difficult.  This is why we try to keep the fabric as clean as possible when we are installing it. Over time, mulch, plants leaves, and debris will settle on the weed fabric and break down, giving weed seeds the debris, and organics that aid in germination.  This means that you will still have some weeding to do over long term.  We recommend replacing landscape fabric every 4 – 6 years.  This is not a permanent solution to weed free landscape beds it just helps reduce the amount of weeds you get short term.  Bed maintenance and weeding is still required.

Brush clearing & Debris Removal

Dump trucks, excavators, skid steers, loaders, backhoes, trailers, grapple buckets, stump grinders, bush hogs, chain saws and more are all at our disposal.  We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure your brush clearing and debris removal is done correctly and efficiently.

Log Splitting & stacking

You may find yourself in need of this service after a severe thunder storm or maybe you have a fallen tree somewhere on your property that just needs to be taken care of.  If you have a fire place,  internal or external wood burner, or even an outdoor fire pit it might be a good idea keep the excess wood for future use or we can haul it away.  We can cut your down tree up into fire wood and split and stack it for you so can enjoy many warm days by your favorite indoor or door fire place, pit or wood burner.

Bed Edging

We can help you re-shape your landscape beds by creating a new edge on them or we can redefine the existing bed edge. By allowing us to provide you with this service there’s a couple of benefits you and your landscaping get. Edging will help prevent grass from growing into your beds and will also help keep the mulch contained. In addition, it will add contour, definition and will make your landscaping more aesthetically pleasing. We can hand dig bed edges or we can you use a commercial grade bed edger. We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure bed edging is done correctly and efficiently.

Top Soil Services

If you need topsoil services, no problem.  We have got you covered!  Topsoil is used for many different applications, such as high and low spots in yards or maybe you just had a new driveway  put in and you need fill dirt.  What about if you want raised landscape beds or maybe you need soil for vegetable garden boxes you just built.  As you can see, topsoil can be used for many different applications.  We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure your bed topsoil services is done correctly and efficiently.

Decorative Aggregates & Gravel Services

Decorative Aggregates can be used in many different applications such creating walking paths or driveways.  You can use decorative aggregate to create a border around a landscape bed or use it around a water feature.  Use Gold #9 to create a walking path and keep Gold #9 contained by adding 3”- 6” Cobbles on each side of the path.  Then complete the area with a little added landscaping.  When you are ready to give your landscaping some added appeal, using decorative aggregate may be the right choice.  We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure the Decorative Aggregates & Gravel Services is done correctly and efficiently.

Seed & Sod Installation

If you need to thicken up your existing lawn or you want to establish a new lawn, no problem. We can do so by using a wide range of grass seed planting methods.  Maybe you have one or two specific sections in your lawn that you want fixed immediately.  In this case sod would be the answer.  How about if you just had a deck built, you need a new lawn around it and you would rather not wait for seed to grow.  Don’t worry, we got you covered!  We are fully insured and we have all the equipment and experience necessary to make sure seed & sod installation is done correctly and efficiently.